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Top articles from Edition 28 (11/18)

DynaCool serving Microsoft Quantum Computing Research

Under the responsibility of Charles M. Marcus, the first DynaCool system was successfully installed at the Microsoft “Quantum” research center...

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AFSEM – correlative SEM and AFM solutions

The AFSEM system expands your SEM capacities by the most common AFM measurement modes in no time and provides information on the topography,...

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Themes in this issue

Woollam newsletter – edition 19 now published

Read, for example, how to perform ellipsometric measurements of coatings on an anisotropic polymer substrate: A further topics is: iSE – The new,...

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Cryo guide – the right setup for many applications

Are you looking for a quick overview of what cryostat and what options are best suited for your application?

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HILA – ultrastable optical cryostat with new auto-leveling feature

The HILA Cryostation is an optical cryostat with high-performance vibration isolation. The sample chamber is almost completely isolated from the...

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InGaAs detectors – less noise in the NIR

Xenics is a well-known European manufacturer of IR and NIR cameras. It is a lesser-known fact that Xenics also develop and produce their own InGaAs...

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Marana – the gift of god

The high-sensitivity, back-illuminated sCMOS detectorMarana is the ultimate in terms of sensitivity and high dynamics: 95% quantum efficiency and...

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Specim IQ – mobile hyperspectral analysis in the field and the greenhouse

With Specim IQ, the advantages of hyperspectral imaging can now be used in more rugged environments. It is the first all-in-one camera with integrated...

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Trace element analysis in plants with XRF

The objective is to modify plants in such a way that they better absorb trace elements like copper, iron or zinc which then increases their rate of...

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Life sciences

OCT – tomography for spheroids and organoids

In tomographic procedures, electromagnetic radiation penetrates a test object.

The modified beam allows the analysis of the object in the three...

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Light & lasers

New UV radiometer for dosimetry – ILT800 CureRight

ILT800 is the only radiometer with Device ID software which allows users to program up to 20 unique system/source information units.

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Materials science

AC-Susceptometer DynoMag – updated list of publications now available

The AC susceptibility determines the magnetic properties of a sample as function of the frequency of an electromagnetic "excitation" wave.

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Magnetic field platform for the laboratory

The magnetic field platform boasts a modular design so you only buy the components you actually need.

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Nanoindenter NanoTest Xtreme from Micro Materials – new high temperature record of 1000 °C

Nickel-based superalloys are used where things get hot, like in turbine blades for power plants or aircrafts. The higher the temperature, the better...

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New current source for measurements of very small resistances

When measuring very small resistances, a common effect is the so-called common mode rejection (CMR). The error that occurs from this effect can...

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PPMS goes Quantum Computing – new insert for QC chip testing

Quantum Design has developed a new insert for the PPMS - the Multi-Function-Probe (MFP) with chip carrier. With this probe, quantum computer chips can...

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