Cameras for TEM experiments made by
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In situ TEM experiment with electrochemical cell
In situ TEM experiment with electrochemical cell (75 fps). Haimei Zheng, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Published in Zeng, et al., Faraday Discuss 176 (2014)

Up to now, direct detection TEM cameras have almost exclusively been used for biological cryo-TEM measurements.

They are essential tools to achieve high-resolution images in this type of research. However, these cameras are also suited for a wide range of other TEM research areas. Especially for in situ TEM experiments.

DE cameras deliver high speed (user adjustable frame rate up to 1000+ fps) with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and large field-of-view to capture TEM movies in unprecedented speed and detail.

Specifically, these cameras are optimized for the three most critical factors in recording in situ TEM movies:


  • High frame rate – to record movies fast enough to record the dynamics of your specimen 
  • High sensitivity – to generate a lot of signal with as few electrons as possible, so that you have sufficient contrast in each movie frame to visualize your specimen
  • Low noise – to ensure that each high-speed movie frame is not overwhelmed by noise
  • This is why our Direct Electron uses the continuously optimized Direct Detection Device (DDD®) sensor in the tenth generation

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