Manual critical-point dryer

E3100 from Quorum Technologies

Quorum’s critical point dryer model E3100 is well-established in many laboratories and has been used successfully for more than 40 years.  Large valves and two large display instruments for pressure and temperature provide an outstanding control of the drying process. Temperature change is controlled through an optional thermostat (water circuit), which ensures satisfactory cycle times.

Simple and robust design
Horizontal specimen chamber (63.5 mm in Ø x 82 mm length)
Large viewing window
Optional specimen holders for cover slips and TEM grids

Critical point dryers are used for drying biological samples prior to examination in a scanning electron microscope. Further areas of application are the dehydration of samples in pharmacology, histology and pathology. Critical point dryers are also more and more used in the semiconductor industry to avoid the tearing of extremely fine structures during the drying process. As a precondition, water has to be removed from the sample by replacing it with an increasing alcohol concentration. After the alcohol has been completely expelled by liquid CO2 during the drying process, the temperature in the pressure chamber can be increased. As a result, the chamber pressure also increases. When the critical point is reached, the carbon dioxide phases dissolve. After draining the CO2, the sample is dry  without being exposed to a phase boundary (liquid/gaseous).


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