Carbon coater & thermal evaporator – high vacuum

K975X from Quorum Technologies

The K975X carbon coater is a compact thermal evaporator for vacuum deposition of thin layers of carbon and metals for SEM and TEM applications. The K975 series consists of the carbon and metal evaporator s K975X and  K975S, designed to coat 8” wafers or similarly large specimens with carbon (C). 

Unique ‘anti-stick’ carbon rod gun evaporation assembly
Built-in turbo pump
Suitable for specimens up to 140 mm² or 200 mm diameter
Rack-out drawer specimen loading system
Restricted or full vent control

The K975X is fitted with a carbon rod gun and metal evaporation insert. It can also be used for cleaning TEM and SEM apertures and for sputtering (optional sputter head insert). The chamber (borosilicate glass) is 250 mm in diameter x 300 mm length and can accommodate specimens up to 8"/200 mm in diameter. An easy rack-out specimen loading system provides comfortable access. A flat 80 mm stage is standard, but can be exchanged for optional holders like the 3 mm grid holder, the low-angle shadowing attachment or rotary planetary stage. For quick specimen exchange without removing the glass chamber, the rotary stage is mounted on a sliding access port on the side of the chamber. The flat stage can be tilted from 0° to +/- 180° for rotary shadowing techniques.

K975S Thermal Evaporator
The K975S is based on the K975X. It features a special load lock door which allows loading wafers up to 8"/200 mm. Please contact us for more information.

Weight and dimensions 450 mm W x 500 mm D x 300 mm H. Weight: 65 kg
Work chamber Borosilicate glass with hinged metal top plate, 250 mm Ø x 300 mm H (can accommodate wafers to 200 mm if K975S is specified)
Safety shield Polycarbonate cylinder - removable for maintenance
Carbon source Adjustable height with tilt control of 0–200°. Uses 6.15 mm Ø carbon rods
Metal source Adjustable height with tilt control of 0–200°. Supplied with pack of 10 tungsten specimen baskets
Specimen stage Includes 0–45° tilt facility
Vacuum gauge range ATM   1x10-7 mbar
Operating vacuum 1x10-5 mbar, typically achieved within 15 minutes
Low voltage evaporation supply Pulsed or variable control. Selectable: 0-5 V-15 V-25 V, out-gas current: 0–25 A
Services Nitrogen gas (if used for venting). Argon gas (if the optional sputtering attachment is fitted).
Vacuum pumping 100 l/sec. turbomolecular pump. Requires a 50 l/min. ‘backing’ rotary pump with oil mist filter (AG-DS102)
Electrical supply 230 V/50 Hz (8 A maximum including pump), 115 V/60 Hz (16 A maximum including pump)
Supplied with Accessory kit including: carbon rods (6.15 mm x 100 mm), evaporation filaments, S8651 manual rod shaper and operating manual
K975X (EK3154)Turbo-pumped thermal evaporator
K975S (EK3153)K975S Turbo-pumped thermal evaporator with loading stage to accept an 200 mm wafer
Pumping NB: A 50 l/min. rotary pump is needed to ‘back’ the turbo pump (AG-DS102 recommended for normal use)
AG-DS102Agilent two-stage pump, oil mist filter, rotary pump oil
EK3172nXDS 10i scroll pump
Stages and other options
EK4160 Low-angle shadowing, ideal for flat TEM specimens
EK4205 Rotary planetary specimen stage with externally adjustable tilt
EK4175 Sputtering module, including chromium (Cr) target (other targets available as options)
10983 Film thickness monitor attachment with controller mounted in the K975X console. Includes monitor and stage complete with quartz crystal holder and quartz crystal
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