Compact near infrared camera

Bobcat 640 from Xenics

Bobcat is a high performance near infrared camera. The camera is equipped with a thermoelectric cooler for stable images. 640 x 512 pixel for high spatial resolution. The camera is available with a GigE Vision or a CameraLink interface.

Low noise (90e-)
Large format array
VisNIR detector versions available
GigE or CameraLink for easy integration
SDK for own programming available

The ultra-compact Bobcat-640 meets all requirements of applications where small size, low power consumption but high sensitivity and low dark current in the SWIR range are needed.

The Bobcat-640 is perfectly suited for high speed imaging at full 640 x 512 resolution with high frame rates of 100 Hz. In windowing mode the frame rate can even be further increased. A thermoelectric cooling for low dark current and optimized noise performance (90e-) results in superior image quality even in those cases where the operating conditions are changing.

A VisNIR option extends the wavelength into the visible realm for best sensitivity in low-light applications. The pixel pitch of 20 μm makes the Bobcat-640 compatible with a broader range of C-mount lenses and other lower-cost lenses. Lenses are easily changeable.

Bobcat 640 is available with either a GigE or a CameraLink interface for a fast 14 bit digital readout.

Vegetation research
Laser beam profiling
Optics testing
Food analysis
Moisture detection


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