Small NIR camera with short integration time

Bobcat 320 Gated from Xenics

Bobcat 320 Gated is a small, temperature stabilized and very sensitive near infrared camera optimized for applications with very short integration times.

Small and light weight
Intelligent real-time image processing
Integration times from 100ns to 40 ms
Gated Imaging possible
Gigabit Ethernet output

Bobcat-320-Gated SWIR camera operates in the 0.9 to 1.7 μm spectral band. It provides extremely short integration times down to 100nsec. Bobcat-320-Gated makes use of a highly sensitive cooled InGaAs detector, which is available in a 20 μm pixel pitch. The compact camera contains real-time on-board image process-ing and image correction – all at a very favorable price point. A special feature of Bobcat-320- Gated is the programmable trigger out delay between the internally generated trigger-out pulse and the start of integration. It is configurable from 100nsec up to 1 msec in steps of 100nsec. Bobcat-320-Gated captures frames at a frame rate up to 400 Hz. With all these features, Bobcat-320-Gated is ideally suited for the industrial inspection of light bulbs and hot or fast moving objects.

Gated Imaging
Laser based Imaging
Fast moving hot objects


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