Small, uncooled near infrared camera

XS from Xenics

XS is a small, uncooled but good performing near infrared camera. The camera is offered as a base, a triggered high speed and an analogue output version.

Available with standard InGaAs detector arrays working up to 1.7 μm
Two speed versions: 60 Hz and 100 Hz
Good image performance
USB output for easy integration
SDK for own programming available

The XS is available with standard InGaAs detector arrays working up to 1.7 μm and comes in a 60 Hz and 100 Hz speed version. It allows you to choose the most suitable detector camera configuration for your specific research application. The camera head interfaces to a PC via standard USB 2.0. Each camera is delivered with a graphical user interface, which offers direct access to various camera settings such as exposure time and gain setting. The camera outputs 14-bit data. The software tools include two-point uniformity correction and bad pixel replacement.

Laser beam profiling
Reflectometry in paint analysis
Silicon block analysis


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