Halogen light sources

Quartz tungsten halogen light sources have high VIS and NIR output with only little UV. The stability, filament structure and high color temperature make our halogen light sources the best available source for many measurements and illumination applications. Compared to conventional filament lamps, we offer selected halogen lamps providing “whiter” light with more output in the blue end of the VIS spectrum and UV.

Two lamp housings to operate halogen lamps rated from 10 – 400 W
Wavelength range: 250 – 2700 nm
Continuous spectrum
Superb temporal stability
Calibrated irradiance standards available

The individual light sources of our comprehensive line of 10 – 400 W halogen light sources differ in lamp housing type, condenser optics and power supply.

Quartz tungsten halogen lamps also are the preferred light sources for radiometric and photometric studies. We offer PTB traceable calibrated halogen lamp sources as irradiance standard from 250 – 1700 nm.

With a large selection of optical and mechanical accessories the halogen light source can be adapted to your individual requirements.

VIS and NIR illumination and measurement
Radiometric and photometric studies


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