Dip coater


Dip coaters are precision devices for depositing self-assembling monolayers or sol-gel coatings. Dipping speed, depth and number of cycles are user-presettable.

Our range of products comprises compact units for dip-coating of small substrates up to complex systems with additional transfer capability for multiple coating of large substrates.

Dip coater for single and multiple coating
Software for programming and control
Vibration-free dipper movement
Substrate heights from 15 mm to 1000 mm

KSV NIMA Dip coaters are designed to deposit layers of materials in a controlled and repeatable way. It is possible to deposit films of various thicknesses, from monolayers to multilayered structures. Automated dippers are well suited to situations when deposition is based on kinetic factors and where good control is needed. For multilayer deposition, multi-vessel dipping enables automated deposition with good reproducibility.

The range of Dip coaters is divided into two types: single and mul­tiple vessel systems. Single Vessel Dip coaters are used to deposit from one solution while the Multiple Vessel Dip coaters enable many solutions to be used that can include cleaning or rinsing. The ‘single vessel’ and ‘multi-vessel’ categories offer small, medium and large systems to cater for a large range of sample sizes. A Single Vessel Dip coater is also available for extra-large samples. It is possible to choose from the Dip coater systems suited to sample weight, sample size, number of samples, dipper movements and number of vessels required.

All KSV NIMA Dip coaters come complete with software, computer interface with USB connection, instruction manual and solution vessels.

Dip coating can be applied to a large variety of materials from the inorganic sols and inorganic nanoparticles to self-assembling biochemical systems. Applications include deposition electrical- and electro-optical layers, anti-reflective coatings, creating super hydrophobic surfaces and depositing biologically compatible coatings.

The following surface coatings can, for example, be created

  • Sol-gel coatings
  • Layer-by-layer assemblies
  • Self-assembled monolayers


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