Hyperspectral chemical imaging analyzer


SisuCHEMA is an automated hyperspectral chemical imaging system. This compact and robust turnkey system analyzes different materials based on spectral reflection and gives both the quantity and distribution of known or unknown materials in the sample. To accommodate different spectral signatures, SisuCHEMA can be equipped with either a VisNIR (400-1000 nm), NIR (900 nm to 1700 nm) or SWIR (1000 nm-2500 nm) camera.

SisuCHEMA is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use tool to understand the composition of samples which are used in forensics, food, pharmaceutics and agricultural applications.

As an easy way to acquire qualitative and quantitative results of imaged samples, SisuCHEMA is also used in other research and industrial applications.

Turn key
Best performance
Various wavelength ranges available
Easy-to-use software
Exchangeable lenses for different object sizes

SisuCHEMA provides low heat load illumination which ensures that the sample does not heat up during the measurement.  It boasts a robust setup and comes with scanning table and camera mount. Preinstalled Breeze software allows an automated white reference calibration run. The software is able to analyze unique samples, subtract background, perform a fundamental analysis of and calculate both the distribution and quantity of the chemical components.  It can be trained for a high level of automation.

SisuCHEMA is a versatile tool for all kinds of research or on-line analyses. All systems come with a full set of different high-quality lenses to cover samples in various sizes from very small to large with the same instrument.

Tablet analysis
Blister package inspection
Food and dairy
Life Science


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